Saturday, June 30, 2012

Photos-New York and Budapest

The first photos are in:

This is how they look at the BEGINNING of the trip!

 The girls... Guess where???

Celebrating Ryan's High School Graduation in Princeton.

Our apartment in Princeton, 2000-2001 (OK, far right 1/4 of building).

Happy 5th birthday Leah!

Look who we bumped into in Manhattan..

 Four travelers, Nine Countries, One Month...our best packing ever.. At the Lombardy, NYC

Rebecca in our Budapest Apartment

Some photos of our day in Pest:

One of Budapest's Synagogues

The Grand Market, Budapest

Pest at Night...

The Weiss and Dollinger Families, Buda

The Dollingers in Buda overlooking the Danube River

The view of the Danube River from Buda

OK. OK. Here it is. The Jacuzzi photo (before Marc got in).

Retreating to the Budapest subway.  We look much happier than we were!  ("Smile for the photo")

Budapest Public Library

Near US Embassy..

Coffee in Alexandra Mansion

The Roof of the cafe... This is no starbucks..

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