Friday, June 29, 2012

Budapest..the rest of the story

Marci here..

I wanted to give you my update on Budapest..a few small details that Marc neglected to mention.

The apartment the Weiss' found for us was amazing! Gotta love the internet! It had three levels, very modern with two full kitchens, complete with washing machine and dishwasher, on each floor. It had a rooftop jacuzzi that apparently held six but it was a tight squeeze (OK, it fit five fine...then Marc hopped in and depleted some water (OK lots of water..)  Ever see water fall six stories on a Budapest summer night? (Marc wrote the line about the water..  Marci wanted to but...)

It was in an amazing location in the city center and we could walk everywhere.  (Unless, of course, you got lost on your way to the Grand Market! (when, in fact, we did walk everywhere...except the Grand Market)  It easily slept 12 people but only sat four.  (That's one hand under the cereal bowl, the other hand on the spoon...coordination..)

One small design flaw: the only real seating area was a small table on one of the decks with open slats, in the back alleyway, that viewed the parking garage area. We had many rousing games of bananagrams at that table and miraculously, only watched 2 tiles fall through the slats and land on the lower rooftop below.  Despite our best attempts to hoist Gilly up to the roof to retrieve them (thanks, Gilly..and who says that aren't benefits to being the youngest), I believe an "L" and "R" bananagram will forever find their home on a rooftop in Budapest.

Other than that, the apartment felt like a home away from home. On our day from what a blog post called a day from c"HELL"m , Marc forgot to mention that I left the apartment without my sunglasses and told the girls to dress warm, as they were expecting thunderstorms that day.

No rain in sight and it turned out to be our warmest (OK, hottest) and brightest day in Europe yet. Go figure.

Today started out much better and brighter, in terms of everyone's attitude and stamina.  After a much needed good night's sleep, we packed up all of our suitcases and carry ons and headed with the Weiss' for a final meal at the Alexandra bookstore cafe. Our guide, Esther, showed it to us on our night tour and I was determined to go back for the delicious looking cakes.  It's a beautifully restored palatial dining room, with frescoes and chandeliers and waiters dressed in tuxedos.  We all had fancy drinks, tomato soup and cheese sandwiches and pastries (ok..only I got tiramisu at 10 in the morning!) We made a brief stop at Sugar, a mini version of Dylans but I felt I had my sugar rush for the day so no purchases were made here. I highly recommend a visit for anyone coming to Budapest. The cakes and rice pudding looked spectacular.  Back to the apartment to load the hired van to take us to the airport for our 2 pm flight. we come!

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